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The whole Joy4Spirit team is looking forward to welcoming you on September 22, 2018 at our Natural Therapies Center in the heart of the Vergers eco-district of Meyrin for an open-door day.

Come discover our many therapies and courses, from 9am.
Our therapists and teachers will be available to welcome you with a guided visit of the space and to answer your questions. Free workshop sessions will also be offered.

Sessions from 10h to 19h (by schedule):
Ayurvedic massage
Thai massage,
Tula massage

Swedish massage
Tantric massage,
Reflexology, Energy Care

Diagnostic Chinese traditional medecine

Workshops and conferences:
9h - Therapeutic sound meditation with Gabrielle Paillat
10h - Vinyasa Yoga with Sabine Sourny
11h - Mindfulness Meditation with Marie Rombaut
12h - Hypnosis conference with Myriam Fernandez
14h - Kinesiology workshop and muscle test with Yonann Chevrieux-Rubini
15h - Energy cards with Corinne Gomes
16h - Cardiac coherence workshop with Myriam Fernandez
17h - Ashtanga Yoga with Ela Ravier
18h - Wheel of consciusness workshop with Ola Serhan

19h - Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference with Christian Palma Allande

On-site registration.

Looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again !

Joy4Spirit team

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