Myriam Fernandez

Initiated from an early age to innumerable abilities of the brain and the power of thought, she had the opportunity to personally experience these capacities throughout the course of her life course; always voluntary, optimistic and determined.

She has always been passionate about the human being in all of it’s workings, reactions, interpretations, reflexes but also emotionally. emotions and sensoriel. Thus, naturally interested in various techniques with beneficial influences on the brain with the goal of personal development and therapy.

After briefly exploring forms of therapy, she chose to train specifically in hypnosis and foot reflexology to take advantage of the body/mind synergy. Other techniques have enriched these practices such as psycho-energetics, cardiac coherence, alternating bilateral stimulation (inspired by the EMDR), NLP and aromatherapy.

She has known for a long time that she will never stop learning, to deepen her knowledge or to evolve as continuing education is one of her priorities. She has always chosen her teachers with care and strict requirements, among the most passionate and experienced.

To quote them :

Olivier Perrot for his Ericksonian hypnosis training, renowned clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist for 30 years, spiritual heir and pupil of the famous Dr. Jean Godin, Editor-in-Chief of the Phoenix magazine and president of the AFNH (French Association of New Hypnosis). Specializations in hypnosis and anxiety, phobias, addictions, tobacco, eating disorders, pediatrics.... by Olivier Perrot, Thierry Kalfass, Pascal Vesproumis, Michel Martin....

And regarding foot reflexology and aromatherapy, she chose a training with Elske Miles who has been trained with the best known personalities of reflexology, and author of many books.

In psycho-energetics, she has benefited from the skills and experience of Mr. Michel Odoul, among others, the author of "Tell me where you have pain and I will tell you why."

Her consultations are held in a welcoming atmosphere with total confidentiality, non-judgment and kindness.

We will determine together a goal. You are the actor of your personal change and your feelings are important.

Only a doctor is qualified to diagnose, prescribe, modify or eliminate any medical treatment. Any question in the medical field should be addressed by your family doctor.


Espace de Thérapies Naturelles

Place de la Diversité 1

1217 Meyrin

+41 22 543 29 97

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